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Our Cancellation Policy 

Vivian Clinical Day Spa has a 48 hour window of cancellation, if cancelled 48 hours before your appointment there will be no cancellation fee.

If you are to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment a $45 cancellation fee will be applied.

Text Message Reminders

Courtesy reminders are sent out 48 hours in advance, and followed up 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, if no confirmation is sent back, we can not guarantee your appointment will be saved. 

Gift Cards

If there is a no show, or cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment the gift card will be forfeited and can no longer be used, and the amount will go towards the cancellation costs. 

Attention Healthcare Parties

Vivian Clinical Day Spa has a $10 Spa Facility Usage Fee for all healthcare plans, the spa amenities that are included in the fee are; Sombra, Hot/Cold towels, Aromatherapy, bed warmer, etc. used during the massage. Your healthcare policy does not cover these amenities when you pay your copay. This is an additional fee from Vivian NOT your healthcare policy. This fee can not be billed to your insurance.

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